Branding is not just about logo design.

It’s about discovering and creating a distinct identity through storytelling and design, so that the brand understands who it is, what characteristics and brand identity it has, what its goals are, and how it communicates. This is to ensure that the brand is consistent when presented and easily recognizable to the target audience in the long run.

What’s people
think of a brand
An infographic comparing brand creation to a strawberry shortcake, with the logo as the strawberry on top and underlying layers representing Brand Core, Brand Visuals, and Brand Executions.

Just a glance and you already see something is not right!

An infographic with multiple McDonald's logos, one of which is different, illustrating the importance of consistent branding for recognition.


when presenting your brand identity through various channels, 

help create memorability and ensure that your brand sticks in the minds of your target audience.

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At Designally, we emphasize building a strong and beautiful foundation for the brand.
Our secret lies in the perfect blend between a clear identity, an appealing image,
and outstanding communication design.


Brand Core

Creating a distinct and unique identity involves several key elements, including clear branding characteristics, the brand’s origin story, and its inherent business nature. This can be achieved through conducting surveys and engaging in conversations.

What We Do: Mission, Vision, Brand Values, Brand Purpose, Brand Naming, Tagline,

Brand Visuals

Designing an identity that reflects the brand involves establishing visual cues that convey its essence and setting up guideline for consistency to make them memorable.

What We Do: Logo Design, Logo Usage, Placement, Typography, Graphic Elements, Photography Style.

Brand Execution

Designing necessary communication materials for both online and offline platforms, aligning them with the brand’s identity to differentiate it and make it memorable.

What We Do: Packaging Design, Business Card, Website, Document Header & Footer, Social Media Template, Exhibition Materials, Uniform, Etc.

is a foundation

Creating a clear brand identity and usage guidelines is

highly beneficial

both for those working with the brand and the target audience.

When the brand identity is presented accurately, consistently, and clearly, it effectively communicates with the target audience. This, in turn, enhances efficiency in communication with stakeholders, ensuring they understand the brand’s identity and values. It also speeds up business operations, ultimately saving time and resources.

An infographic illustrating the importance of brand differentiation, depicted by a Gacha Pong machine where the standout capsule is selected.

When all the ingredients is ready,

We will combine everything into a

Brand Guideline Booklet

that is ready to use

What Our



Discover the experiences of our satisfied clients and how our services have made a positive impact on their brands.

only the matter

We tailor to fit your


Because every brand is different

and have different requirements. That’s why Designally always offer what really matter with just the right amount for each brand.








Customers who trust us with their branding design.

and many more

Frequently Ask Question?

Why branding is important?
Creating a brand is important because it helps communicate your identity and values to the outside world, making you stand out from competitors. It establishes consistency to promote memorability, encourages customers to return for your products or services. Additionally, effective branding reduces time spent on communication and collaboration with all stakeholders.
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We start every project by conducting a survey to better understand your business. Then, we’ll tailor a proposal suitable for your brand for your consideration.
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The time spent on brand-building projects varies depending on the scope of work. Generally, it can range from 1 to 3 months, but it may extend beyond that for more complex projects.
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The cost for a brand-building project depends on the scope of work. Our team will discuss your budget and recommend what is necessary and suitable for your brand.
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You don’t have to worry at all. Our professional team will help identify what’s necessary for your brand based on your goals, business type, current brand situation, and other key factors.
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We are ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact us anytime, and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.
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